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521 - 580 Horsepower M-6007-521RT - Ford Racing Crate Motor

Now you're running with the muscle bound BIG BLOCK! 580 HP and 600 lb. ft. of Torque! The 521 sports a 4 bolt main block with Siamese bore. A 10:1 compression ratio is still streetable, that is if 600 HP is meant for the street. Forged internals and a Mechanical roller cam make this a monster in the Ford Crate Motor lineup.

Engine Specifications:

  • 600 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4500 RPM
  • 10:1 compression ratio (nominal)
  • Forged aluminum dished pistons
  • Forged H-beam connecting rods,M-6200-C514
  • Mechanical roller camshaft, M-6250-A514 (mechanical roller camshafts not recommended for street use; contact Techline for more details)
  • High-performance rear T-sump oil pan, fits most Fox body cars
  • MSD Distributor with M-12390-H Bronze Gear
  • Cast nodular iron crankshaft, M-6303-A514
  • New heavy duty 4-bolt main siamese bore block M-6010-A460
  • Super Cobra Jet aluminum cylinder heads M-6049-SCJB
  • Victor single plane intake manifold M-9424-H429 (requires Dominator carb)
Look at what you get
  • A 521 cubic inch engine assembly that includes the items listed above and a multi-index timing chain set, push rods, roller rocker arms, heavy duty HV oil pump, pickup tube, high-performance oil pan, M-6582-R460 valve covers, aluminum front cover and water pump , high-performance damper, flywheel, spark plugs, related long block engine parts and a NEW M-6010-A460 block .030:
  • Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly more than production 460 heads. Combustion chamber volume is 72cc (nominal)
  • Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet valve train includes dual-valve springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves. Intake valve diameter is 2.20" and exhaust valve diameter is 1.76"
  • Ford Racing high-performance solid roller mechanical camshaft M-6250-A514 provides significant horsepower increases above 3500 RPM and good low-end torque. Valve lift is .640" intake and exhaust. Duration at .050" is 254 degrees intake and 258 degrees exhaust
  • forged aluminum dished pistons, bore size 4.390"

Installation Notes: Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation:

  • A different performance oil pan and pickup tube may be required for your application. Call the Techline at (800) FORD788 for more information.
  • The water pump will work for most 7.5L standard rotation applications.
  • The valve covers (M-6582-R460) should work for most applications, optional valve covers (sold separately) are available on pages 118-120.
  • The auto transmission flywheel should work for most C-6 automatic transmission applications. For manual transmission applications use flywheel M-6375-Z460, see below.
  • If a mechanical fuel pump is to be used, the front cover must be changed, and a fuel pump eccentric added to the front of the camshaft.
  • Firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8.
  • Built with current available parts. Photo and specs may vary.
  • Shipping weight approximately 670 lbs.

big block Ford Crate Engine M-6007-521FRT

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